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March 11, 2019 @ 5:19 pm

Episode 25. Carole King Part 5

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Episode 25

Carole King

Part Five


 The Great Song Adventure is happy and proud to present this, the final installation of our five-part series of episodes with Carole King. 



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 photo by Jim McCrary

On the morning after the first interview conducted by Louise and Paul, Carole - who is Louise's mom - told her daughter she had more to say. So they sat down again, and Carole shared much more, extending into our fourth episode, and this final one. 

It's a remarkable conversation, in which mother and daughter, both serious songwriters, discuss the art and business of songwriting as it has shifted in modern times. And much more. 


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 Credit: Buzz Photo/ RexFeatures



"Allow yourself to open," she tells songwriters about how best to allow songs to come through. "Don't judge what is coming out," she says. "Just keep going... " Always she stresses the value of writing songs not only for the outcome, but for the joy of the process. After writing a song, she says, despite whether you think it's great or not, it's important to appreciate the journey.

"You just had the doing," she said. "and the doing is what it's about." 




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Carole in 1947 with her parents Eugenia and Sidney Klein.



She also discusses the great difference of being a songwriter in her day, and existing - as does Louise - in this new digital world where record companies no longer do all the work for the artist and where recording artists and songwriters do it all for themselves, managing their own content and social media. "You have the answer more than I do," she says to Louise. 


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clockwise - Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Louise Goffin & Sherry Kondor


2016 Hyde Park Concert, Carole with Louise & Kootch

photo by Elissa Kline Photography 


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This bumper collection of numbers penned by revered New Yorkers Gerry Goffin and his wife Carole King includes familiar hits (the Shirelles’ "What A Sweet Thing That Was," Bobby Vee’s "Sharing You," the Cookies’ "Will Power," the Drifters’ "When My Little Girl Is Smiling," overlooked gems (the Hondells’ "Show Me Girl," the Hearts & Flowers’ "Road To Nowhere," Walter Jackson’s "Anything Can Happen") and some new-to-CD rarities (‘You Turn Me On, Boy" by the Honey Bees, the Orlons’ "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby," the Clovers’ "The Sheik" and Theola Kilgore’s "It’s Gonna Be Alright"). By 1968 Carole and Gerry had moved from the East Coast and were living apart in Los Angeles, where Carole formed the group The City. "Snow Queen" (heard here in a rare version by the Tokens) and "That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)" (here by Dusty Springfield, one of the Goffins’ biggest champions), were among the six Goffin and King songs on “Now That Everything’s Been Said,” The City’s album. After their divorce, Carole and Gerry did resume writing together, although much less prolifically than before. (Mick Patrick)



 photo by Paul Zollo 



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James Taylor and Carole King, 1971, by Barrie Wentzell. 




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