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May 9, 2018 @ 1:55 am

The Great Song Adventure Coming Soon - Teaser

The Great Song Adventure is a podcast hosted by Louise Goffin and Paul Zollo featuring in-depth conversations about songs and the songwriters who write them. Encompassing all aspects of being a songwriter and recording artist in modern times, including how best to navigate the ever-shifting music business itself, and the technologies which impact it. It features intimate and informed conversations with legendary musicians, songwriters, and producers, and explores the mysteries of music itself, and the creative process. Louise and Paul both share a lifelong devotion to the art and craft of songwriting, decades of direct experience and acquired wisdom about it, and reverence for the triumph of writing a great song which spans across generations and genres.

Join us May 14th for our first episode with the great Van Dyke Parks!

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The Great Song Adventure
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